International Chess Federation

According to articles 13 and following of Regulation 2016/679/EU (following GDPR), article 4.13 of the FIDE Charter and our Data Protection Policy, we inform you on the following about how your personal data will be handled:

FIDE collects data in a fair and transparent way only in order to let itself, its internal bodies and its services work. The use and storage of the relevant data is necessary in order to let FIDE internal bodies, boards, commissions and committees perform their duties according to the Statutes and the Regulations, as well as according to the relevant decisions on their goals, to let FIDE services, among which there are FIDE Rating System (FRS), FIDE titles and classification of arbiters, organizers, trainers and officials, properly function, to maintain the functionalities of FRS, to properly let FIDE to give titles according to the relevant Regulations, to let FIDE appoint people to any duty in its internal bodies or to any role in its events.

FIDE also collects official email addresses in order to send official communication.

In case you voluntarily apply for a title any visitor of FIDE website may see also: email address, physical address, phone number and place and full birthday as the application form will be published online.

Data are collected and processed by legal agreement and the consent here you provide.

They are processed only in a fair and legitimate way when it is necessary for the abovementioned services to work properly: by filling this form you agree to the process, as indicated above.

The data mentioned in this paragraph are collected in different ways: please check for further information.

By giving your consent, you agree that:
• FIDE collects your Name, Surname, Birthday, Federation, Gender (M or F), email address, physical addresses, place and date of birth, nationality, phone numbers and bank details and local taxes details.
• FRS may host a picture of yours.
• Your data will be stored electronically and in paper.
• Your data will be processed such as the following: publication in FIDE website of the first level information, putting inactive flag, and statistical outputs, national/continental enquires inside the database on any index. Automatic processes are made by computer programs which operate on the database, edit or change to single data, or any variation upon single application, or exchanging federation, merge, separate, delete and add single records, exporting lists, downloading lists.
• Your data will be visible to any visitor of FIDE website who may see: Name, Surname, Year of birth, Federation, Gender (M or F), rating, title and inactivity flag.
• Your data to be profiled in order to make statistical outputs and results of world/continental/national results and rankings or lists.
• Your data to be stored without any term until your decision them to be deleted.
• Your personal data to be stored and protected in FIDE servers which are located in Germany. Backup copies are also stored in FIDE server in Russia.
• Your personal data to be transferred to National Federations and Continents or affiliated organizations, FIDE internal body, committee or commission, and the members of them with no restrictions, officials and organs, Developers of FIDE website only in order to test and improve FIDE website functionalities if the activities you are involved requires such a transfer.

By giving your consent, you also confirm that:
• You are aware of what kind of data FIDE will manage and how;
• You are aware of your rights as indicated in FIDE Data protection Policy articles 17 and following;
• You have read FIDE Data Protection Policy available at

Disclaimer: FIDE will use this information just to verify your identity